Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Last night instead of the 31 degrees we were suppose to have it was down to 24* at 2 am........!!!!! I had not put blankets on Sha'ba & Pepper. I was afraid it would be in the teens before daybreak & also John hadn't turned the light on in the box where all the faucets come out of the well house. So I got out of my nice warm bed & headed out for damage control. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find Pepper, as he was out with the rest roaming the property. I ran across Max & Rusty, everyone else was under the trees somewhere I guess, including Pepper. Sha'ba has always stayed in his pen at night, so he got a blanket. Today it's warm & sunny, but it's suppose to be cold again tonight. I hate to put a blanket on Pepper because then he has to stay in a pen. As far as he is concerned there is nothing worse than being in a pen, especially when everyone else gets to go out.

This morning John enlarged the pen that Chili & Gus eat in. Last night when they went in to wait for supper, they got bored & started wrestling. We were afraid they were going to tear down the corral or the shelter, so he added another corral panel to make it 12 feet longer. Hopefully that will give the boys enough room to act silly. They reminded me of 2 teenage boys wrestling in the hall at school, not paying any attention to their surroundings.

I've already put fly masks on Jack the mule & Sha'ba & it's only March. Both of them only have one eye, so we don't take any chances, as soon as a fly shows up, they get fly masks. Jack always stands real still when I put it on, I think he enjoys wearing it.

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