Saturday, March 15, 2008

MUST BE SPRING, IT'S WINDY..............!!

This is looking down a row of 6 pens that have been opened up after morning feeding. There are 5 or 6 donkeys, mules or horses, in the pens & none of them are in their own pen. It seems the word on the street is, we're feeding better hay to everyone else than we are feeding them. So when the gates open, everyone plays "musical pens". They will eat the same hay they left in their pen, like it's wonderful, as long as it's in someone else's pen. In a lot of ways, they are just like some people, never satisfied I guess........ (G)

John wasn't here last night to let them out of the pens. He usually lets them out about 9:30. When I'm in charge I wait until the news is over at 10:30. When I went out a hour late, Chili & Gus had rearranged their pen. It's a 30 x 36 rectangle, at least it's suppose to be. I'm not sure if I remember my algebra lessons or not, but I think they made it into a trapazoid, or worse. We don't have any fence challengers in the group, so we've never bothered to "nail" down the corral panels. It's safer if they are not attached to the ground, that way if someone does panic & hits the panel, it will give, rather than be solid. John put it back to being a rectangle this morning, & after they finished their hay, they started working on redesigning it again. Chili also has an irritating habit of putting both front feet up on the first rung of the corral panels. I'm not sure if he does it to get taller so he can see something, or if he does it to irritate me. If it's to irritate me, he's accomplishing his task........!!!!

Tula, my sweet young lady (NOT), is back to leading the rebellion again. Morning & night she's usually got most of them with her over on Burroland. Although one of us has to go over & remind them that it's time to come over here, all we have to do is find Tula & point to the gate. She usually takes off at a fast trot & heads for her pen, with a rag tag bunch following at different speeds. This morning Lynn one of the little minis decided that she couldn't be separated from Tula for any reason, even to eat. After a couple of abortive attempts at herding Lynn to her pen & away from Tula's, I finally had to halter & lead her. Then she paced back & forth in her pen, squalling & bawling, rather than eating. I think this all means that Tula is in charge & not us, at least according to the donkeys. I'm still thinking about getting in touch with Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in California & see if they would take her. I don't think there is any way she will ever be comfortable with people, & they have plenty of donkeys for her to lead.

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