Friday, January 11, 2013

Well, the vet just left.  Rusty the mule had been acting a little lethargic the last 3 days or so.  Usually he is a food hog, but the last few days he just picked or didn't bother even eating. 

Tonight when John went out to round everyone up, Rusty was standing in the wash, had heavy "goop" in both eyes, & wasn't interested in moving.  Of course it's Friday, & it was at closing time for the vet, but I called & they were still there &  Dr. Megan said she'd come out.  

She checked him all over & thinks he might pneumonia, at least he had some harsh sounds in his lungs.  Of course at age 34 he could have just about anything.  So he got a shot of Banamine, & also some Tucoprim.  We'll watch him over the week-end & if he isn't getting better, we'll haul him in Monday morning when we take Buddy Brat in for his sarcoid removal on his sheath for blood work & possible IV if he gets dehydrated.  

These guys sure like to keep us on our toes..........!!!

We're going to pick up the 2 mini mules tomorrow, hopefully that will go well.  Boaz has already been moved out of his pen, so they can have it.  It's a larger pen & since there are two of them, we thought they should have it.  Boaz doesn't care, as long as he gets fed. 

We were told the grandkids rode them, but they have halters on, which sounds like they might be hard to catch.  A lot of times kids can do just about anything with equine, but let an adult try to do something with them, & they can be as wild as March hares.  Guess we'll find out.  

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