Thursday, January 03, 2013

Diega is getting x-rays tomorrow on her nasty feet.  I hope there isn't too much rotation & demineralization of the coffin bone.  She is only 2 1/2 years old, I'd like to think she hasn't had time to get a lot of damage.  Unfortunately it can happen pretty quickly though.  

Cheyenne managed to have at least a short visit with a skunk last night.  Whew!  I don't think she got sprayed, wasn't quite strong was strong enough for me.  

One of the little suckers is living under the container up by the garage.  I went in the container this morning for the 1st time in ages, & "noticed" the smell.  Asked John if he knew there was a skunk up there & he said it had been there for awhile.....!!!!  Really......????  Of course trying to remove it permanently, probably wouldn't work out too well, they have a way of not going along with the program.  Years ago one got in the garage, we had heard you could run them off by turning on lights.  John turned on all the lights in the garage & left the big door open.  Waited a little while, went back up there, & the skunk was frolicking & cavorting around having a great time in the "bright" lights.  When he saw us, instead of running out the door, he went under John's roll around tool box.  John left the door open all night & the next morning the skunk was gone.  I guess we should be glad he didn't find a good spot for a nest & just stay.  

Tried to take a video of Aaron doing his thing this morning.  Donkeys seem to have an inbred way of knowing when you want to take a picture or video.  Whatever they were doing that was so cute, comes to a complete halt.  

We had no chasing of the golf cart, or the poo rake, which has also become interesting.  

I need to work on having a better ending to my videos. 

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