Friday, January 25, 2013

Today we finally got out to visit Chester & his "herd".  This is John meeting everybody, as they try to figure out if he has any treats.  

Chester & Buster Brown went into a great home a couple of years ago, & about 7 months after they rehomed, they were running & playing & Buster literally dropped dead.  Had never been sick, needless to say everyone was shocked.  

Norton came to live with them within a week, & Macgyver & Kiwi joined the herd this fall.  

As you can see they are all very friendly & I think Chester remembered me.  Of course he was always very personable, & enjoys people, so maybe he was just being his friendly self.  

He's been under treatment for Valley Fever for almost a year.  It's not very common for equine to get it.  They had noticed he was lethargic & was limping pretty bad on the leg that had a bone infection when he was here that required surgery.  He was tested & that was the diagnosis.  They said he has really perked up & is usually in the middle of any & all boy wrestling & running.  Yesterday they had blood drawn to see if they can quit with the daily meds.

Tomorrow we will do a home study for Ruthie & Aaron.  He is such a little ham, there have been quite a few people come out just to see him.  And he has provided them with as much as entertainment as he can.  He's already learned to present himself for petting & cooing when anyone shows up.

Of course Jack & Molly the little mules have already learned the drill too, people show up, let's go see if there might be treats, or at least lots of petting. 

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mspms said...

AWWW. They're so cute!