Sunday, January 13, 2013


That could be my Grandad Bolton from the pointy work shoes to the tobacco tag hanging out of his pocket.  Although my Dad didn't go off to school, he went into the Army Air Corp during WWII, I would imagine this scene has played over & over again in the "fly over" country of rural America over the years.  Good independent people that "used up, wore out, made do, or did without".  Norman Rockwell, really knew how to "catch" the "good old days" & bring back wonderful memories.

Jack & Molly seem to be just fine with their lifestyle change.  They watch everything going on, eat what is offered & don't seem worried about anything at all.  

Of course this morning it was 6....yes..........6 fricking degrees........!!!!  Poor John was having to break ice on a dozen buckets in the pens.  Everyone has access to 2 heated water tanks when they are out of the pens, but John is a stickler for them being able to drink when they are in their pens eating.  Of course Ruthie, Aaron, Jack & Molly are penned 24/7.  Ruthie has a heated bucket, but the mules don't.  Hopefully it will warm up enough today, so their water doesn't refreeze.  

We won't be home until about dark.  Would you believe we are going racing.....!!!!  Of course these special events have to be planned a year in advance.  The weather in Arizona is usually much nicer than in the rest of the country & drivers from all over including Canada come down here for a Winter Series of racing & some warmth & sunshine.  Well, the sun is shining, but I hope it gets warmer than the 36 degrees on the thermometer, or we'll freeze our fannies off.  John's going in the pits to help a friend with his factory stock car, but Larry's wife & sister in law will be freezing in the bleachers with me.  Thank goodness the Hornets aren't racing until the end of February, hopefully by then Mother Nature will have settled down to typical SE Arizona winter weather. 

Rusty seems to be on the mend, although he still isn't eating his warm soaked mush.  Eating most of his hay though.  He was standing by the little mule pen this morning when John went out to do round-up, so hopefully when we let them out in a day or so, they will become a "mule" herd & Rusty will have some buddies again. 


Morning Bray Farm said...

It's unbelievably cold, isn't it? Stay warm and safe. xx

Tish said...

We had a warm up this morning, it was a blistering 9 degrees.....!!! I can't believe when I was a kid, living in Missouri, I went out before school, took care of my horse, chickens & ducks & thought I was having fun.....!!! Guess I'm getting old & whiny....!!! LOL