Sunday, January 06, 2013

A woman that had been out before brought her mother out a couple of days ago.  They "made" over the donkeys did some grooming & took some pictures.  In fact I used a picture she took of John & I to replace the profile picture in the sidebar.  It didn't show my wrinkles, so I thought it would be a good trade out.....!!!

 Boaz has learned to stick his tongue out for attention

Daisy has learned to just look appealing with big sad hungry eyes

 The mean "wittle" kid has decided to grab pant legs

     We are working on discouraging such behavior.  Hope it goes better than discouraging kicking up of heels when close to people has been going.  He's usually moving so fast, I don't think he even knows we're not happy. Probably really doesn't care much either.

Thanks, Luna

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