Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The little mules have settled in nicely.  We were told they were bonded & have to stay together.... hmmmm...........!  Don't think they got the memo.  We've seen this before, a couple of "bonded" animals come in & once they are here, it's like they don't know each other.  They do sort of stay within sight of each other, but Molly doesn't even want to go into the pen with Jack sometimes, & he doesn't care either.  If she tries to eat on the same side of the bunk as him, he pins his ears & makes ugly faces.  He's the one the woman said was so bonded, go figure. 

Took Mother to have 2 squamous cell cancers removed from her temple yesterday.  After the doctor was done, we had to wait until the lab made sure he had gotten all the cancer cells, so he wouldn't have to go in again.  It took a few hours of waiting, but at least he got it all & she didn't have to have more cutting done.  

It's going to take weeks to heal, it's an area about 4 inches long & 2 inches wide, thru all the layers of skin.  They could do plastic surgery with skin from her shoulder, & it would heal faster, but she opted to just let it heal as it is.  

It's still got a pressure bandage on until tomorrow, then the fun begins......daily dressing changes.  She's already said every day won't be necessary..........hope this doesn't turn into a power struggle....!!!

Got the race car back with the rebuilt engine & it runs pretty good.  John wants me to put some time on the motor before we take it out to the track.  Guess I'll be picking up the mail & have some fun at the same time for awhile.  We have a new neighbor in the area that has a little car of some kind that runs up & down the dirt road wide open.  I told John if the road was a little wider I'd see if he wanted to see just how good his little car is......!!!! As it is some of the mesquite trees are a little close & he might not want to take a chance on his street car "visiting" one.....!!!

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