Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Aaron is in love with the golf cart.  We drive thru the pens on the west side to deliver the hay.  He meets it at the gate coming in, runs around it & checks out all the "parts" while it's in the pen sitting still.  On the way out gate #2 we really have to be careful, he is so quick & doesn't seem to see anything wrong with standing between the golf cart & wagon.  

He's also got running past & kicking up his heels down to a science.  So far he's usually far enough away that it isn't a problem, he really isn't kicking at us, but I'm sure those little hooves would hurt if they connected.  

He came into the world head shy for some reason.  Loves to be rubbed & scratched all over, pick up feet no problem, ears are good, inside the ears GREAT......but the face is pretty much off limits.  My foal halter went with Tucker when he & Mocha went to their forever home, so I'll have to get another one when we go to town.  Maybe haltering & learning to lead will make a difference.  Although we have noticed that he is pretty opinionated about anything he doesn't want to do.  If you try to hold him still, that left rear hoof starts kicking pretty quick. 

Everyone else seems to be doing good, we'll have our first tour of the new year today.  It's some friends with visiting family, which we get a lot of this time of year.  

Haven't heard anymore about Diega the last couple of days.  Cindy is working on getting x-rays of her feet & since I haven't heard anything, I assume they won't be bringing her this week. 

I guess baby donkeys are mechanic "wanna a be's"

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