Sunday, January 20, 2013

It looks like Aaron & Ruthie will be going to a new home, if the home study goes well.  The people will be fostering them until we have him gelded, then they can adopt them.  

I will not let a jack go off the property without being gelded.  They have a mare that is by herself, so we'll try it this way.  Hopefully he'll drop soon & we can take him to the vet before fly season gets here.  

If I was Ruthie I'd already be tired of him, now that they are going out of the pens, he runs, & jumps on her all day long.  When we put them in the pen for the night, he basically collapses on the ground.  John was afraid there was something wrong with him, but as obnoxious as he is with momma, he seems to be just fine. 

This morning when we were feeding hay he was laying down when we came thru the pen with the golf cart.  John had to drive around him to get thru the next gate.  I stayed behind, got down on the ground with him & started "wallering" him, all over.  He didn't have a problem with it, & in fact seemed to enjoy me scratching an itch he was trying to nibble.  He's still a little bit touchy about picking up his feet, like a farrier would.  What's really weird is, he's better with his back feet than his front...........go figure......!!!

Tomorrow morning, very early, I am taking Mother into Tucson to have a couple of squamous cell cancers removed from her temple.  Her primary doctor took them off twice & they came back, so this time we'll see if an oncologist surgeon can make them go away.  We may be there all day depending on how many times they have to go back & cut more.  They want to get clean edges & said they might go back 3 or 4 times, so we might be there all day.  I'm taking one of my Elmer Kelton books to read.

I'm in the process of reading everything he wrote, which is going to take awhile.  Glad I found Abe Books on the internet.  I've bought most of his books, used, for a dollar.  Of course there's shipping, but it still makes for pretty cheap reading. 

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