Tuesday, January 15, 2013

3 degrees this morning, I am losing my sense of humor...........!!!!!  Poor John is the one that gets to contend with the results of all this cold.  So far no major pipes busted, although we lost about 500 gallons of water Saturday when we went to pick up Jack & Molly & one of the pipes over at the chicken pen thawed out & burst while we were gone.

Haven't gone out yet this morning, I waited until it "warmed" up to 4 degrees before I even crawled out of bed.  

Tonight John says he WILL turn on the light in the well house, rather than debate the subject & decide not to, as he did last night.....!!!!

What fun to do chores when there is mush to prepare, to be served warm, & you have no water, hot or not......!!!!

Thank goodness for cooking stove & microwave & the dog's water, we managed to get enough water & get it heated, that the gang probably didn't even notice a difference.  Although it did take us longer to get it fixed, which of course they did notice, & let us know.

Jack & Molly are little food freaks, & we have now heard their voices.  Jack sounds like a pig grunting, & Molly sounds like someone strangling a cat, a rather high pitched desperate cat...........good grief this will take some getting use to I think........!!!!  It's a wonder the others didn't stampede when Molly hit those high notes......!!! 

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