Monday, January 28, 2013

Seems to come around just like clockwork on a regular basis.  Actually around here, one day is pretty much like the other.  But Garfield is one of my "heros", & he's good at telling it like it is.......!!!

Looks like Ruthie & Aaron will be going to their foster home Thursday.  He'll have lots of room to run, & they will have a new friend, Breezy the horse.

The people want to adopt, but that's not going to happen until he is gelded.  He actually has something in his little "purse", but I can't tell if it is one or two somethings.....!!! He is just 5 weeks old tomorrow,  & the vet complained last time when she gelded Tucker at about 8 months old, said she had worked on bigger dogs....!!!  LOL  So we'll wait a couple of months & see how it goes.  If the weather starts getting warm & the flies come out, we'll have to go ahead & do it.

Our friends from Missouri are going to go with us to deliver them.  They come out here as "snowbirds" & over the years have gone on many adventures with us.  In fact they were with us on our first big rescue of 2 jennies with their babies about 6 or 7 years ago.  Every time they come out we usually find something to "entertain" them. 

Someone has been stripping the bark off the mesquite trees.  John came in this morning a pronounced Molly as the culprit.  He put chicken wire on some of the trees after he caught her, but she'll just move to others.  Mesquite are pretty tough & will give up a lot of bark before it kills them, but it makes the trees look like they've been chewed on, wonder why......????

I would imagine something has been missing from her diet, although we've had others that really liked to eat bark.  I might try adding some supplements to her feed & see if it makes a difference.

John has also noted that none of the equine like Jack.  If he comes into their space they leave.  He said Rusty the big white mule is the only one that even tolerates him.  I don't know why, I haven't seen him be obnoxious.  John said sometimes Molly doesn't even want to go into their pen at feeding time.

Yesterday she was trying to eat their mush from the end of the bunk, & of course couldn't reach it.  Jack stopped eating, went over & pushed her to the side of the bunk, so she could reach the mush.  That to me is unusual behavior in a good way, but obviously his good behavior isn't impressing the rest of the herd.

A couple of days ago when we drove in, EVERYBODY, & I do mean everybody was running, all over the place.  They weren't chasing anyone, it just looked like they all decided to run for awhile.  The mules were in it, Ruthie & Aaron, well actually BlackJack wasn't running, he was walking fast in the area.  I think he figured out if he stayed in an area walking around, they would eventually come back around, & he didn't have to waste all that energy.  BlackJack doesn't move around, unless he absolutely has to.

I have a new pet..........  Yesterday there was a small wolf spider in one of the feed buckets.  I had a heck of a time getting him out & on the wall, he didn't want to get out.  This morning he was in another feed bucket, I assume he's trying to catch something to eat.  This time of year I would imagine pickings are pretty slim, & he looks like he could use a good meal.

I have a small insect habitat cage, so he has a new home for awhile.  John had seen a cricket in the well house a couple of days ago, but couldn't find him.  So when we go to Tucson tomorrow we'll get some crickets at PetSmart.  I'm not sure how often they eat, maybe they will know at the pet store.  

I'll keep him until it warms up & we start seeing bugs. 

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