Saturday, January 12, 2013

THEY ARE HERE.......!!!!

May I introduce Jack on the left & Molly on the right?

Guess no one spent a lot of time naming them, huh?  I was a little leery, the woman really didn't give me a lot of information, so my first thought was......they are going to be untrained & little monsters.

But they lead well, hopped into the trailer after looking it over & so far have been very well behaved.  

They are about the same height as the minis, but are much stockier built, would imagine their mommas were Shetland ponies.  I've seen better feet, but have also seen worse.  Just had a quick look at their feet, Molly looks like she might have foundered in the past, & Jack looks clubbed on the right front.  Not sure how much of that is trimming or lack thereof.  They were trimmed last week, but with out of control feet, it can take more than one trimming to get where they need to be.  

They were met by a bunch of eyes, staring at them thru the corral panels.  Almost everyone was in the area & of course had to look & gawk.  John brought some hay down for them, & that was much more interesting than putting up with the nosy neighbors.  

These halters have been on them a long time, John had to work to get them off.  They don't seem to mind being handled, so I don't know why they left the halters on them all the time.  

Rusty is feeling better today, although still not up to speed.  He did come over & check the "newbies" out.

This morning we insulted him by giving him some Tucoprim & also then cleaned his goopy eyes.  He always has gunk in his eyes, but right now, they are really nasty.  You would have thought we were trying to put acid in his eyes, he didn't pitch a holy fit, but close.  Then he "discovered" the rag was not only wet, but warm.............!!!!  It's really hard to keep being P.O'ed when someone is washing your dirty eyes with a nice warm rag.  He ended up standing with his eyes closed, enjoying the moment while we pretended not to notice.  Mules can be such funny characters.


The Three Muleteers said...

Lovely mules, look forward to hearing how they get on!

Tish said...
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