Tuesday, January 08, 2013

OMG, MINI MULES......????

This should be interesting..........Their 89 year old owner was killed in a tractor accident a few months ago, & the family hasn't been able to find anyone to buy them.  So they want to turn them over to us.  I guess the little mules are the last of the animals, & the only hold up to the daughters getting back to their lives.  One daughter called again today & I said we would take them, so the ball is in their court at this time. 

Hopefully Rusty will like them & visa versa.  Otherwise it might get real interesting around here.  They might be smaller, but at least they'll outnumber him.  Haven't seen them, have no clue how "mini" they are, age or anything, do know one is a molly & one a john.  

I finally found a halter to fit Aaron.  Got a large mini halter & it was "way" too big.  Traded it for the smallest one the feed store had, & it fits pretty good.  He's such a wiggle worm I figured we'd have a wrestling match, but he actually was a good little boy.  I watched him for awhile & except for shaking his head a little bit he didn't seem to care, so I took it off.  The next thing will be to snap a lead on it & see how that goes.  First I'll let him lead me around & then I'll see if we can go where I want to go. 

Our last lone chicken went to the Oasis Exotic Bird Sanctuary to be with their chickens. John checked on her today & they said she is getting along with the chickens just fine............but the ducks & turkeys are being mean.....!!!  One of those turkeys is named Tish I hope she isn't one of mean ones.  LOL 

John is still hauling little mice from the garage to the chicken pen on a regular basis, about 3 or 4 a week.  He's afraid they won't have anything to eat over there, so he's going to take grain over for them a couple of times a week.  Of course now there isn't a place to get rid of my kitchen scraps.  But the ravens have always "helped" the chickens with garbage disposal, so we will continue to take the scraps over there.  Hey, it's winter not a good time to be finding a new food source.......maybe this summer.....!  If we don't remember to pick up the outdoor cat food in the evening we also get to feed the skunks, had 2 last night one a hooded & the other one not......!!!!  Almost had a fight on our back porch, lots of foot stomping & tail raising.  Didn't mind the stomping, but that tail raising is a little scary.  They need to come at different times if they can't get along......!!


The Three Muleteers said...

Oh welcome to the wonderful world of Mini Mules! Nothing beats those little guys. We have one and he is my equine of a lifetime :-) Look forward to hearing more about them.

Witcheylady said...

Can't wait to see pics of the mini mules!

Tish said...

Haven't heard back from the people yet, I'm looking forward to having them, should be a lot of fun....!!