Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ruthie & Aaron checking out the new digs.  At least the small pen they are in for the time being.  Cathy said she'll probably let them out tomorrow to run around on the 2+ acres.  

Aaron meeting his new dog friend, at least I hope they will be friends.  Ruthie might have something to say about that, until she figures out the family logistics. 

When we loaded them this morning, Ruthie jumped right in the trailer, & Aaron was trying to figure out how to get up where momma was.  John put one of his front feet in the trailer, & when he started to put the other one up, Aaron figured it out & hopped right in.  

The trailer ride didn't seem to bother either of them at all.  They jumped out & started looking around.  Aaron is really a laid back little guy, when we got ready to load them, he was laying down.  I went over & mauled him trying to get him to stand up.  Wasn't interested.  So John went over & not only mauled him, but grabbed his legs & rolled him on his back.  Finally he decided we weren't going to leave him alone, so he got up.

I warned Cathy about his latest "fun" thing to do.  He likes to run up behind you & either butt you like a goat or act like he's going to bite you, either of which might be cute now, but not when he weighs 500 pounds.  So I told her about kicking back at him, like an equine would, to make him stop.  I've seen what he does to his momma, rearing up & biting her on the neck............not acceptable....!!!

Yesterday morning Pepper choked, we think on hay.  We worked with him for awhile & nothing was happening, so I called & the vet clinic said bring him in.  I had to take Mother into town for an appointment, so John took Pepper.  On the way into town, I stopped by the clinic to see how it was going.  Pepper was in the stocks, & John said when he got to the clinic, Pepper had his ears up, was licking his lips & was ready to get out of the trailer..........!!!! In other words the trailer ride had worked it's magic & he had cleared.  They still tubed him to make sure it was all gone, but he was fine. 


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for therapeutic trailer rides. ;-) I always loved those at 0 dark thirty at vet school because meant I get back to bed sooner.

Tish said...

In Pepper's case I think he does it just to see if we're paying attention..!!!! LOL