Friday, January 06, 2012

ZORRO IS OUT......!!!!

He came out this morning like he was shot out of a gun, I guess he was trying to make up for lost time.  He wasn't interested at first in any of the other donkeys or anything except running.  Later on he was trying to fight with Boaz thru the corral panels.  I am pretty sure he hasn't been gelded very long. 

Chantilly followed him around all day although he ignored her for the most part.  I would imagine they have been together for awhile, & she sees him as something familiar.  They would make a beautiful couple for someone to adopt.  I wonder if she is pregnant?  Very possible I guess. 

Hopefully he & Boaz will get over their "macho" attitudes, so when we let Boaz out it won't be a battle.  We'll keep Boaz & Ruthie in at least until he's done taking antibiotics for the belly swelling from when he was gelded.  If they can't get along, we'll let one out during the day & the other one at night.  But I think they'll settle down pretty quick.  

This afternoon Lynn one of the minis was trying to get Zorro to notice her.  He noticed her alright, don't know if he put a smile on her face, but he looked like he knew what he was doing.  I sure hope Dr. Weaver was right when he told me a week after they are gelded they can no longer become a daddy....!!!!!  (G) 

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