Sunday, January 15, 2012

Boy am I glad 2 days of racing is over, it wears me out & I wasn't doing anything except sitting in the bleachers.....!!! 

The races started 2 hours late yesterday, which meant we didn't get home until about 9:30pm.  The donkeys are use to being fed starting around 5pm, give or take a few minutes.  Needless to say they weren't happy.  We rushed around, getting them in & "slinging hash", so to speak.  It was going pretty good until John took BlackJack's hay into his pen.  BJ always has definite idea of right & wrong, especially when it pertains to his personal wants & needs.  

When John opened the gate, BJ slammed into the gate & got out.  No big deal, but he rushed over to where Frijolita was enjoying her hay & grabbed a big mouthful.  I yelled at him, which of course scared Frijolita, she thought I was after her, so she took off.  BJ went past me, & kicked up his heels as he went by...........Grrrr.......!!!  I grabbed a poo rake & went after him.  If I could have moved fast enough to smack him I would.  Unfortunately he seems to know exactgly how long the handle is, & managed to keep that distance, while munching on his stolen hay........!!! 

John & I finally trapped him, so his only option was to go into his pen, which he did with style & grace.  Anyone that ever thinks these animals aren't smart or don't have a sense of humor, obviously has never observed them very much.  He was putting us in our place for having the audacity to feed so late.  The little kick to the side always accompanies his judgement of our short comings, it's never close to us, in fact I doubt that you could ever get kicked by BJ.  But he does want you to know you have upset his routine.

The races today started closer to on-time, but we still got  home late.  The neighbor's were going to feed, but were in a car wreck in Tucson today.  They are OK, but feeding didn't go as planned.  Dave fed hay, he hasn't learned how to feed mush & supplements, but that was OK, they just got their hay first & got to stay in their pens until we got home & fed them their pans.  It only takes them a couple of minutes to eat the stuff, so then they got to go out.  Of course they ALWAYS get their hay AFTER their mush, so they expected more hay.  But once they figured out they were going out, all was forgiven & they took off. 


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Tish said...

I could write a book about BlackJack, he is a big old fuzzy black marshmallow, with attitude. He's a lot of fun to watch & try to outsmart.