Saturday, January 07, 2012


Started with John coming in & saying Boaz & Ruthie were out via knocking down the corral panels for the mini pen.............!!!!  I envisioned blood & mayhem from one end of the property to the other.  

Granted there were a few bangs & bloody scratches on assorted animals.  But none on old Pepper, thank goodness.  The two "STUDS" (at least they seem to think they are) Boaz & Zorro had divided the herd, Zorro seemed to have the most followers.  Tula was letting Boaz know she is in charge of this operation & was staying with him.  

Some of the yelling & fighting had been around Mocha & Tucker's pen, they were standing in a corner of their pen & when we went in Mocha was very spooky for awhile.  She finally decided all the excitement was over I guess, & wanted to be scratched. 

While John repaired pens, I started rounding up everyone.  Most of the oldtimers were in like normal, although Cisco was the last one in even after we spent over an hour, enticing Boaz into his pen.  Zorro & Chantilly went in their pen like they knew what they were doing, & Ruthie was about as good.  But Boaz wasn't having any of it, & he wouldn't focus on us "herding" him, he'd just take off flying.  Neither of us can "fly" so it would take us awhile to make "contact" again.....!!! (G)  Finally had to close off the opening between the 2 sets of pens, so we could trap him & he's only choice was to go into his pen.......... unless in one of his flying trips, he comes in on the wrong side of the trap.......!!!!!  A couple of more trips around the property, & he finally was on the right side & walked in like it was his idea...............Grrrrr..........!!!  

One thing I'm thankful for is Rambo not being here.  If he had been in the mix I think someone would have gotten hurt.  Haven't heard from Amy, I'm sure he's getting along just fine, he's outnumbered & everyone of them are bigger than he is, including Gus.  

Everyone except Mocha & Tucker are out again today, by our choice.  They have plenty of area to be able to roam around without having to squabble thru the corral panels.  

I hope by feeding time tonight Boaz has learned where his pen is & that we want him to go in it.....!!!

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