Monday, January 02, 2012


Well things are going pretty good around here, so far.  Yesterday we took Jenny out of her pen on a halter, turned her loose, & instead of going towards Rambo, she headed for the "herd" that were already out.  We had to be gone in the afternoon & were afraid she might change her mind while we were gone.  So we haltered her & her friend Frijolita to lead them over to Burroland.  Looking back & it looked like we were leading a parade, so everyone spent the afternoon over in Burroland away from Rambo.  He's actually settled down a lot, but we didn't want to take a chance.  

If everyone is willing to trek over to Burroland for the day, we could let Zorro & Rambo out on this side for some exercise.  They are in a 24x28 pen, which doesn't allow for much working off of energy.  

Of course tomorrow when we pick up the other 3 new ones, the dynamics will all change again......SIGH,,,,,!!!!!! 

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