Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boaz got to go out of his pen yesterday during the day.  We were gone for the day but before we left, the "herd" went over to Burroland, & we let Boaz out on this side.  

When we came home, Boaz was standing in his pen, & BlackJack & Justin were pounding on the Burroland gate, with the "herd" behind them.  It was just about feeding time & I guess they wanted to make sure they weren't forgotten.  

It sure would make life easier for everyone involved "IF", Boaz & Zorro could get along.  Last night after Boaz was shut in his pen, Zorro came by & postured..........that doesn't help matters at all, of course Boaz had to let him know what he'd do to him if the gate was open..........SIGH


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