Tuesday, January 03, 2012

We only picked up 2 donkeys today, Ruth & Boaz the 2 older donkeys, older being 5 years or less.  The owner decided to keep 2010 their year old offspring.  I tried to talk the man into releasing him so he could go with his "herd", but it didn't happen.  His daughter thinks he might change his mind in a few days. 

They said Boaz was Ruth's husband in the bible.  I'm ashamed to say I don't know if that's true or not..........but I plan on looking it up as soon as I get a little extra time I don't know what to do with.  It might be awhile...........!!!! (G)

I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow, before we leave to take Rambo to his foster home.  I didn't take any when we picked them up, we were too busy trying to get them to load.  Wasn't what they had planned for the day, although Boaz, jumped in pretty good once, Ruth, FINALLY, gave up & went in.  They are friendly, but unhandled.............SIGH!  Seems like all the ones we've gotten recently are like that.  Guess it's better than UNFRIENDLY & UNHANDLED & at least the boys are gelded now. 
Chantilly is now going out after eating, & follows John back to her pen like she's been doing it for years.  Still no touchy, feely, although she will take treats.  It looks like tomorrow she will be eating with Cisco in his pen.  They both eat slow & Cisco is about the most non-threatening guy we have.  Here goes the pen assignment musical chairs for tomorrow.............

Rambo will go to a foster home with 6 geldings & Gus the donkey.  Gus is bigger than Rambo & is an "in your face" type of guy.  With no girls around to get Rambo going I hope he will settle down pretty quick.  

As I said Chantilly will go with Cisco, Zorro will go into her pen.  Ruth & Boaz will go  into Zorro & Rambo's pen.  BlackJack & Frijolita will get their pens back, that's where Ruth & Boaz are until Rambo leaves.  Tonight BJ & Frijolita ate in the outside bunk.  Not a good idea, both of them "helped" the golf cart & wagon go from pen to pen until it got to the bunk, which is about halfway thru.  Life is really easier when they are in pens, at least for us.........!! 

Boaz has some swelling on his belly, I assume from his gelding, the 23rd of Dec.  He also has a sarcoid on his left front knee about 4 inches in diameter.  We have had sarcoids before but nothing this large.  There are different types of treatments, his owner had gotten some x-terra from a vet & gave it to me.  It's very caustic & I'd like to find something else if I can.  I haven't even gotten a good look at it yet, it was almost dark when we got home.   

Still no ideas on why the blog isn't doing what it's done in the past.  I asked for help on the blog web-site, but so far no one has gotten in touch with me.  It's no big deal I guess, but it's a little more involved to have to go to the side-bar to look for older information. 


Susan & Joe said...

My mare Ruby had two sarcoids and they disappeared after about 10 months. They sometimes do recede spontaneously Dr. Page told me. She aslo said surgery can cause them to expand, so it is sometimes inadvisable depending on where it is. XTerra is caustic, but you can see time-lapsed photos of it on line and it really works. it is also called Indian mud. Some humans have even used it on superficial melanomas with good results. be sure to wear gloves if you use it.

Tish said...

I haven't got a picture of his sarcoid yet, but it's a nasty looking one. It moves around easy, so I'm wondering if it might be encapsulated. He's a little punky right now, so I'll wait awhile to start bugging him.