Friday, January 13, 2012

Yesterday went pretty well, with Boaz having to stay in the pens, & Zorro out with the others.  Boaz wasn't too happy about the turn of events, but he wasn't overly excited, so this should work out OK.  Boaz will be out at night & Zorro during the day.  John said when he let Boaz out last night he tried to entice Madie & she double barrel kicked him twice.  John said he just went off somewhere else, so he isn't overly aggressive, but he sure doesn't like Zorro.  

Ruthie & Ruger are out & about.  Ruger sure loves his momma, & she sticks pretty close to him too.  Of course she is the only familiar thing in his life, besides Boaz.  He's really a sweet little guy & easy to work with.  

First races of the season tomorrow.  I won't be racing, the Hornets don't race until in March sometime.  But our son & grandson's class, Super Stocks will race both Sat & Sun.  

Grandson, JR, car is back to family tradition of ORANGE for this year, thank goodness.

Rod hasn't messed with 43 years of tradition.....!!

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