Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well, we're trying something new today.  Boaz is just too rough on Zorro.  Zorro is pretty young & although he hasn't been gelded very long, he's been gelded longer than Boaz.  Boaz sees him as a threat & has been chewing on Zorro's neck until it looks like a science project.  Yesterday Zorro & Chantilly stayed in the pens for the day.  i got the brilliant idea that if Boaz & the herd went over to Burroland, I could shut the gate & let the kids out on the 10 acres.  

So that's what we're doing today.  Should work out just fine, we'll put the kids in their pen before we let the others come back over here.  Almost had a problem, I went over to make sure where they were, & Ruthie followed me back to the gate.  I guess she thought I wanted her to follow me.  I had to push her to get her out of the gate, so I could close it.  

Tomorrow we're going to pick up Boaz & Ruthie's son.  We were suppose to pick him up the 1st time, but the owner wanted to keep him even though we explained donkeys need to be with other donkeys.  He called & said he had changed his mind.  

Now we will really be over full, not even counting the ones farmed out to foster homes, as the web-site now reflects.  Hope everyone doesn't come back at the same time, or John will get to build some more pens.  Right now there aren't very many people looking for donkeys, I'm sure the price of hay has a lot to do with that.  Chantilly & Zorro are bonded, gorgeous & ready to go...........to the right home.  

Heard from Amy about Rambo.  They haven't put a halter on him, because he has a wound under his jaw where he probably had a too small halter on for too long.  He also has a permanent ridge across his nose.  But she said they've done about everything else & he's cooperative & enjoy the attention.  What a difference from the hormonal brat he was here.  I asked her if she thought someone traded donkeys on us during the trip to deliver him to her?  LOL  What a difference not having girls around has made in his behavior.  She said he's easier to work with than Gus.  I can believe that, I remember Gus as having a lot of attitude & definite opinions on what he would allow or not. 

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