Wednesday, January 04, 2012


We took Rambo to his foster home this afternoon.  He actually loaded pretty well this morning.  I did find out that even with 4 feet in the trailer, & his fanny hanging out, I don't have enough strength, to push him in.  I'm not sure even a big strong cowboy could have shoved him in, he is very strong.  But we worked with him some more & he finally decided to hop back in.  Animal crackers helped the process.

Got to his new home, & he was ready to get out & explore.

He will have 6 geldings, 2 mares & of course Gus that was adopted from us a couple of years ago.  Gus is a quirky donkey, Amy, Joe & their daughter Morgan are the perfect "foils" for his mischief.  He loves to open gates & let the others out, which I would imagine can get pretty exciting.  They just laugh & enjoy telling about his exploits.

I don't know if Rambo's mind works like Gus', but I do know he will probably give them a few more stories to tell, before it's over.......!!!! 

Ruth is on the left & Boaz is on the right.  I couldn't get him to stand still, so I could get a picture of his knee, maybe tomorrow.  The swelling on his belly seemed a little larger & he was acting lethargic, it's only been a little over a week since he was gelded.  I called the vet & picked up some Tucoprim on our way out this morning.  He should feel better pretty quick, Tucoprim is usually pretty good stuff.

I've been trying to figure out a plan of attack on his sarcoid.  Figure a few more days of not treating it won't hurt, although the owner had treated it a few times he said.  Went on the internet to look around & came across this interesting idea.

Years ago I tried toothpaste on a small one on Buster's cheek.  It did get smaller, but they sometimes disappear on their own, so who knows.  We were taking someone else up to the clinic at Gilbert, so we had them remove it, & it never came back.

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