Monday, January 02, 2012

My blog seems to have a problem.  None of the daily updates are showing except the one I did this morning.  If someone reads this, could you tell me if you are seeing the rest of the updates?  If there is a problem, I have no idea how to fix it.  I just barely know enough to do the little blogging I do.........!!!!! LOL


witcheylady said...

I had to scroll down & click on Dec 2011 to see your older posts.
New month, new year thing?
Gus & Quilla send their love.
All is well... will send new photos soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tish and John... Happy New Year!! I don't see the older posts either.... I guess the "powers" want us to live in the moment...forget the past! All is well here in Alamos. My sister Joanne is here with me again for the winter. My 8 cats and 3 dogs are all doing well.

Tish said...

Still haven't figured out what happened, left a message for the blog people, but so far they haven't got back to me. SIGH

Sounds like your little family is growing.........!!!! Don't blame Joanne, would imagine your weather is pretty nice this time of year.