Friday, January 27, 2012


The best laid plans of mice & men sometimes take a detour, which is why it is a good idea to "never say never".........!!! 

We had made a decision to not take anymore animals in for awhile, because our numbers keep creeping over our self imposed limit, even with some in foster care.  But a woman I know that runs a private sanctuary like us, is having to downsize.  She has a mini horse with nasty feet, demineralized coffin bones, somewhat like Jenny's are.  Rusty the white mule, LOVES the little horses, we've had 2 here & he literally worshipped them, put his life on hold to go with them & do what they wanted to do.  Bijou is only 10 years old, & the chances of her being able to find a home that would be willing to take care of his special needs long term, isn't very good.  Soooooo, I told her if no one wanted him we'd take him.  

As these things often do, as we were trying to figure out a cheap way to haul him about 200 miles, a friend of hers that lives close to us is going up to her area this week-end with a horse trailer.  He offered to haul Bijou back & we'll pick him up Sunday.  There are good people out there, & although it doesn't really make up for the people that destroy these animals, it is wonderful that the good ones still outnumber the bad ignorant ones.  Haven't seen him, have seen his x-rays, poor little guy.  

Of course our pens are full, so where are we going to put him?  Can't put him in with Rusty, as Rusty doesn't "share" well at meal time.  Hmmmmm!  Finally decided that BlackJack can eat out of a pen & Bijou can  go in his pen.  BJ doesn't care, he's become very flexible over the years & as long as there is food he could care less where it's at.  

Got a call from Bill yesterday.  Kelli his wife got home from the hospital & is really having fun getting to know Zorro & Maddie.  He had a question about their behavior.  He said Zorro was jumping on & biting Maddie & she was kicking the snot out of Zorro.  I keep forgetting to tell new owners about donkey foreplay...!!! LOL  Guess I should make up a list of behaviors that donkeys do.  

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