Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ruger is a momma's boy.  He loves his momma & she wants to be with him.  In fact she spent the night in his pen.  Boaz has slowed down quite a bit from chasing the girls, so we're going to try letting EVERYONE out today.  John will close the gate to Burroland, so they have to stay close to the pen area, in case it goes wrong.  Hopefully Boaz will leave Zorro alone & everyone can be out to roam around.  I think Ruger will stay with momma.

Yesterday morning John went over to Burroland to stir up some donkeys since no one seemed interested in coming in for breakfast.  He found the whole bunch together & told Tula to get in her pen, which gets her moving.  She took off running with the herd trailing behind.............including Pepper........!!!  John said he was actually running, although he was going more sideways than straight.  There are times when he can't hardly move, & it's been years since we saw him run.  This morning he almost knocked Dave down when he went in Pepper's pen to pick up poo.  Dave hasn't been around long enough to remember when we use to call Pepper "Bulldozer".......!!!  So I assume he is feeling pretty good.

UPDATE:  So much for letting everyone out together.  John let Zorro & Chantilly out so they could get away from the pens.  He said when he let Boaz out, it took him a couple of minutes to find Zorro & start biting & chasing him.  Zorro ran behind John & Boaz slowed down enough to pay attention to John & followed him into a pen.............BIG MISTAKE, on his part.  He's still in a pen, we're waiting to see if Zorro will go over to Burroland, which is now open.  If he does then Mr. HotShot can be out over here in the pen area.  If not he may stay in a pen all day.

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