Monday, January 09, 2012

Thanks Mary Jo....!!

Looks like Gus is enjoying visiting with his friend Trinity.  Trinity & her brother came out to visit with the donkeys.  I think you can see Tristan's hands on Gus' withers.  Gus absolutely adores kids & wants to be with them, so I'm sure he was really enjoying all the attention. 

Quilla, not so much, Claire said he watched from a distance, but wasn't interested in "getting involved".  When he first came here, if kids came out to see the donkeys, he'd disappear if he could.  If he was in a pen, he'd get to the farthest corner.  So he's getting better, although I don't think he'll ever enjoy being with them as much as Gus does.  I think the white spot in the background is probably Quilla.

Looks like we'll be going Wednesday to pick up Boaz & Ruthie's son.  The owner has decided it will be better for him to be with donkeys.  His daughter thought he'd change his mind & do what is best for the donkey, & I'm glad he did.  Although we certainly don't need another donkey.......!!! (G)

Poor Zorro is getting his neck chewed up.  Boaz doesn't recognize that he has been gelded, & wants to control his world.  He'd not anywhere near as obnoxious as Rambo was about the subject, but he is making poor Zorro's life miserable.  

Speaking of Rambo, heard from Amy.  She said he's fitting in & is very sweet.  I thought he would be if he'd just think with his big head instead of his little head.  Glad to hear it's working out.   


witcheylady said...

Yes, you are right the white spot in the background is Quilla with Mary Jo & David. He is more comfortable around adults. BTW my sister thinks Quilla has an angel face .... I agree:-)

Tish said...

He has the most beautiful eyes & is such a gentle soul. He's much more outgoing than he use to be. But I don't think he'll ever be as much of a "love sponge" as Gus is.