Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2010 aka RUGER IS HOME......!!!

Picked the little guy up this afternoon.  He was born there, so had never been in a trailer.  But he was willing to go along with all the nonsense, although we had to pick 3 of his feet up & put them in the trailer before he finally scooted in.  I don't think he knew he could jump.  The name 2010 didn't hold any meaning for us, so I named him Ruger after the gun company.  I've named other "gun metal" gray boys that came in without a name after gun companies. 

I don't think he had been unloaded 10 minutes & Boaz came over to look him over.  Don't know if he recognized him or not, he didn't stay long.  He's more interested in following Tula around these days. 

Ruthie showed up & started running all over the place.

She really wasn't paying much attention to him, so maybe she would have ran like that even if it was another new donkey.  Who knows, I have just about given up on figuring out how their minds work.  Just about the time I think I've got it figured out, they show me I don't. 


Dog Kennel said...

Is this donkey?

Tish said...

Yes they are donkeys