Thursday, May 26, 2011

This morning when John went out almost everyone except Gus was enjoying the sun in BlackJack's pen.  He rounded everyone up, I started mixing feed, & still no Gus.  Got ready to feed, & STILL NO GUS...........!!!  After what happened with Noelle in March, we get real anxious when someone doesn't show up.  John went over to feed the chickens, & I saw him go thru the gate to Burroland when he got done. 

A few minutes later here he comes, with Gus following right in his hip pocket......!!! JEEESH!  WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO US...........?????  And he even had both boots still on........!!!!!!   He was walking really good, so I guess the boots are doing their job, to make him more comfortable.

John had a doctor's appointment this morning in Tucson, so we did feed an hour early.  John said he was just standing over there, looking around like, "where did everybody go"?  But John had rang the bell, so he really had no excuse for being a Johnny come lately.......!!! 

I thought I had been doing a GREAT job with Sha'ba & his yearly habronema larvae problem on his sheath.  This morning when he got his morning "grope" I felt some dried crusty stuff.  Started trying to figure out where it came from & found a couple of really itchy spots.  When I say really itchy, I mean ITCHY, he almost fell over trying to help me scratch.  Believe me, it's best to do this without an audience, or you might get arrested.......!!!  At best they might think you were a little weird. (G)

I greased him up with my home made habronema salve of ivermectrin worming paste & DMSO.  It usually takes care of them immediately.  At least I 'm  keeping ahead of them getting large enough to cause lesions & huge sores, but they are still really itchy.  The salve kills them on contact almost, but his immune system is so lousy, any fly on the property goes to him or Cisco.  Flies are the carriers of the eggs, & of course sheaths are prime property from a flies point of view, since everyone has on fly masks & they can't get to the eyes.  


susan said...

Your sheath check made me smile. I clean Rambo's sheath because my husband is squeamish about it - and he's a doctor! I remember the old joke about a woman doing cleaning when an electrician arrived to do some work. She yelled "I'll be with you in a minute" and he took one look at what she was doing and drove off!

Tish said...

Now that's funny.........Thanks! Of course animal people do a lot of things that other people might think are a little ODD...!!