Friday, May 06, 2011


You know the old saying, "I'm so busy, I don't know if I've found a lead rope or lost my horse?", that just about describes what is going on here right now.  What's really bad except for John doing jeep tours, there's not much to show  that we're busy.  When John does jeep tours in Tucson, I get to do chores by myself.  Not a big deal, but it does take longer for one to do what two usually do.  Yesterday he had 2 tours so he missed both feedings.  The donkeys always let me know how SLOW I am, that is once they manage to roam around & find their pens.......!!!!  I don't understand the reasoning behind roaming around lost, it seems to be a donkey thing.  

Today we're going to look at a car trailer.  Of course it isn't close, so that will take most of the day.  Tomorrow we are going to help at the annual Open House at the Oasis  Bird Sanctuary.  John parks cars & I help with keeping the food tables filled.  We'll run home from that feed, & head for the race track, not to get home until about 2am.....!!!  Sunday is Mother's Day so we'll take Mother out to eat.  Crunch days like this is when it would really be nice to have someone living on the property to help, because the donkeys don't care that we're busy.....!!! LOL  We keep talking about building a RV pad with utilities & putting out the word.  So far it hasn't happened though.  

Everyone seems to be doing good right now.  Gus was a little ouchy yesterday & I saw him parked a couple of times.  This morning he seems to be OK, so maybe he just overdid the day before.  I've given up on John getting the "swamp" built for him to stand in while he's eating, so this morning I dumped his water bucket there.  It soaked in pretty quick, but at least the dirt is wet.  Of course I got a dirty look & he tried to avoid standing there, but finally did it my way.  I'll probably keep dumping until John gets time to get the tractor out.

Of course I'm still doctoring Rusty's pastern cut & probably will be for quite sometime.  It's doing good, just going to be a long time before it's healed.  Yesterday I noticed the flies had finally found it.  Yesterday was the first day we've actually seen many flies.  I checked my fly traps & sure enough they are doing a rousing business.  I put out another trap, to make sure all the flies have a opening to join the rest of their friends & relatives if they want.......!!!! 

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