Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BEFORE & AFTER................!!!

As you can tell from the tension on the rope & the set of the front feet, this was NOT what she had planned today...........!! 

YEP........ THAT'S YOURS.........!!!
That's just a small part of her hair.  It was very windy, as I found out every time I went down wind........!!!!  I learned to keep my mouth shut real quick.  Who knew there was a pretty skinny girl under all that hair.

Just pretend you don't see the little love handles on her side.  Believe me they are much smaller than they were a couple of years ago.  She looks a lot more comfortable, although this morning it was 42 degrees.  She might have been wondering where her "coat" was about 5 o'clock this morning.  I left the hair on her legs below the knees, gives the flies something to have to work thru if they want to bite.  We have some type of fly that eats protein.  They will eat hair until it's gone & they can get to the good stuff........!!!!  They can leave some nasty bloody areas if you don't catch them in time.  

Gus is still keeping his boots on & roaming around quite a bit.  We'll see what Courtney thinks tomorrow.


Grey Horse Matters said...

She's very cute with her new hair cut.

Glad he's keeping the boots on and seems to be comfortable. Who wouldn't be after the mess his feet were to begin with.

Tish said...

I'm anxious to see if Courtney can get some of the excess growth off his soles. They were x-rayed right before we got him & the sole was 1.25 inch which is about 3/4's inch too much.

gusDon said...

My niece was very fond of animals, while I just like to see from far away .... One day he came home from the zoo and show photos of a horse and she shouted, woowww .... I'm so busy at all!
But it is a horse or donkey? Very funny, I like it!...