Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogspot has been off line since Wednesday & just came on this afternoon.  I have no idea what they were doing, but there was no access to either my blog nor was I able to update the blog.

We got the car trailer we went to look at last Friday.  Actually the people were interested in an ATV, & we just happened to have the Big Bear we got a couple of years ago & haven't used much, so we did a little trading, with everyone thinking they got the best deal........!!!  

We are finally into fly season with fly masks on everyone.  Daisy was the first one to lose her mask, & so far we haven't found it, don't know where she lost it.  John put a bright yellow one on her so now she REALLY looks like a Daisy...........!!!!  I'm afraid we're going to have to body clip her this year, she really is shaggy & doesn't look like she's going to do much shedding.  

Gus hasn't be going out of the pen area the last few days for some reason.  His feet aren't hot nor does he have a heavy pulse in his legs, but he doesn't seem to be comfortable when he walks.  I've been wetting the ground where he eats, much to his disgust.  I have to do it before he comes back in the pen, or I get very sad looks, like he thinks I'm trying to drowned him or something.  If he isn't there to see the water splashing on the ground it doesn't seem to be quite as traumatic for him......!!!

This morning I noticed BlackJack was going around in the pens looking for leftover hay.  He was in Daisy's pen, & he started walking really fast & looked kinda puffed up before he went around the corner of her shelter.  Good planning on his part to "scare" whoever might be there, but unfortunately there wasn't anyone there.  When I told John about it, he said he'd seen the same thing when BJ went into Pepper's shelter.  He's pretty much all bluff anyway, if someone confronts him, he will find somewhere else to go or something else of interest.  But if he can get the upper hand with bluffing, he's the man..........!!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

goggle the story of smoke the donkey from iraq, a military group kept him as a mascot and when they came home they started papers to bring smoke to the states.

Kathy said...

I wondered where you've been I was about to email you and find out what's up!

Tish said...

Isn't it great about Smoke, the average life span of donkeys in 3rd world countries is 7-9 years. I wish more of them could get out of there.