Sunday, May 22, 2011


Daisy is starting to look like a Yak again.  She is on pergolide, but isn't showing any signs of shedding at all.  

I was going to try to trim her this morning, not sure my hands will last, but I can always do it in 2 or 3 sessions.  When John went out to clean pens, he asked if I wanted her left in the pen to await her fate.  I had him let her out because lately they have been either going below the house or up by the hay barn.  So this morning they went over to Burroland.........!!!!  We have something to do tomorrow, but Tuesday she & I have another "date with destiny".  

Gus seems to have reached a wall, with his feet.  The last few days he hasn't gone out of the pen area, I assume because his feet are bothering him.  Courtney is coming Thur to see if she can get him a little more comfortable.  She's afraid to take too much sole off, the x-rays show he has quite a bit of rotation, which means there probably isn't much holding his coffin bone up off the ground.  But even though I've soaked his feet & wet down where he stands to eat his hay, the bottom of his feet are just like steel, there is no give to it at all.  So as his feet grow out from the top there is no place for the new growth to go & everything gets bunched up.  Poor little guy.  Hopefully she'll have some ideas when she gets here. 

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