Tuesday, May 03, 2011


We're getting tired of having ice on the bird baths, not much at 32 or 33 degrees, but considering it's the Merry Month of May it is a little unusual for SE Arizona.  Can't imagine what the summer is going to be like........!!!

I raced my little car again Saturday night.  Didn't do great, finished 8th again.  Pretty bad considering I started on the front row.  But I did a little "agricultural" racing a couple of times which gives everyone a chance to pass you.  Oh! well I'm having fun, although I do wish John would quit bringing every new scrape & ding to my attention...........!!!!!  Dirt track racing is a contact sport from my point of view, & he knows that from back in the old days.  The first race I was in, I brought it back with both front fenders curled back to the fire wall...........!!! LOL  What is really sickening is the car was a 1957 Chevy hard top..........!!!!  

Sunday Courtney came out & trimmed those that needed it, even little Cheyenne got trimmed this time.  The minis usually self trim, but she had one foot that wasn't growing real straight.  She did real good considering we never put a halter on the little ones, & she hasn't been asked to lift her feet since, who knows when.  She's was a perfect little lady, with her it could have gone either way, she can be a little terror if she wants to, just ask the other donkeys & mules......!!!

I had soaked Gus' feet in the morning, but that & all the soaking I've done on him, hasn't touched his rock hard feet, his soles & frogs are just like steel, no sloughing off of dead material at all.  We're trying to figure out how to build an effective "swamp" around his hay bunk.  I want to get something to bury, fill with sand & add water.  John seems to think just wetting down the area will work............. Hmmmm....... I can see his point since I'm the brains & he has to be the brawn.  We'll try it his way & see if it helps.

Courtney was afraid to do too much with him, since he seems to have contracted tendons in the back of his legs, that will have to come down gradually over a period of time.  But she took off quite a bit & right after he was standing "ouchy".  But by the next morning he was doing pretty good, & doesn't seem to be "parking" his front feet as much, in fact I haven't seen him park since Sunday, so I think we're on the right track, it's just going to take some time.   She said she could really tell a difference in the way his body looked, so I guess he's losing some weight.  It's hard to tell when you see them everyday, I guess I should take a weekly picture for comparison. 

Jenny got left long again, just a little touch up.  She is walking so good, we want to make sure we don't mess her up. 

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