Saturday, May 28, 2011


Gus got his feet trimmed Thursday.  Courtney asked if we could soak his feet before she got here, so John scraped out a depression, I put Gus in it & started running water into it.  Next thing I know he is standing on the edges...........hmmmm.......that old donkeys don't like getting their feet wet.  Once the ground got soaked it all turned to mud, so he didn't have a choice.  Courtney said it really made a difference & she got a lot of the overgrowth cut off.  BUT..... he's back to walking ouchy, poor little guy.  He had just got to walking good in his boots & now even the boots aren't keeping him comfortable.  Hopefully in a few days everything in his foot will get shifted around & he will be back to buzzing around all over the place.  

Yesterday we went down south to try to help with some donkeys that need homes.  The owner died & had lots of mules, donkeys & horses that the family aren't interested in.  It's been going on for about a month & there has been a lot of confusion, who's in charge, what needs to be done, who's going to do it, you know the usual, in these types of situations.  There are 5 intact jacks & one jenny left & they are all mammoths.  Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in CA has offered to take them, but probably won't because they usually don't take mammoths.  Up until yesterday no one had said they were mammoths, so we assumed they were standard donkeys.......!!!! Sigh!  

Not sure what will happen, usually mammoths are very easy to rehome, but I guess there has been so much confusion, that any interest that was there, has disappeared.  


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