Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Isn't this a sweet little face........???    Hmmmm maybe, but right now Cheyenne is on John's "list".  Yesterday when I went out for evening chores, I noticed the dogs barking, dust flying & John yelling, "GET IN THERE"......!!!!  I went in the feed room, & when John came in he said Cheyenne had slipped a cog..........!!!  Usually Lynn, Justin & Cheyenne go in as a family group, with Pepsi tagging along.  I guess when Cheyenne went in she was standing in the gate, John went ahead & gave her a piece of carrot thinking of course she would continue to walk into the pen.......NOT!  She spun around & ran out of the pen.  Of course the more he pointed her in the right direction, the more she headed in another direction.  He finally "captured" her & all was well.........until tonight, when she decided she didn't want to even go close to the pen.  So we ignored her, went ahead rounded up everyone else & watched her stroll around here & there, & even went past the pen a time or two.  

By the time John brought the hay she was more than willing to go in the pen, guess she decided this being independent wasn't working out so good after all.  Curious to see what she does tomorrow.  

Last night Sha'ba choked & I think he choked on an animal cracker.  It took about 2 hours for him to clear.  It seems like when they choke it's usually at night, when a vet isn't readily available, so I was glad he got OK.  When Quilla choked on celery awhile back, I called the vet & she didn't get near as excited as I always do.  

If you haven't heard about it there is an outbreak of EHV-1(Equine Herpes Virus-1) in some of the western states & Canada.  This is not something to mess with & already has caused some deaths.  It is transmitted by contact & also airborne, so it's very easy to pass around. 


Shows & play week-ends are being cancelled, & the BLM is cancelling their adoption dates until August. 


witcheylady said...

I know Cheyenne is a little s**t, but she's so damn cute.
How's Gus doing?
Jewel has been with us since Tuesday.
so far so good.

Tish said...

Well at least she's been more cooperative the last couple of days. Tonight Lynn & Pepsi wanted to be difficult. I picked up a stick to impress Pepsi & he just looked at me like, "you won't use it". They know me too well.......!!! LOL

Gus has boots on right now, just got them back from Courtney. He promptly pulled on the velcro straps.......!! GRR He is so upright I don't think they will stay on very well, but we'll see.

Good for Jewel, are the boys impressed?