Saturday, May 07, 2011

 This is the face Daisy shows visitors to get them to pay attention to her.  No one seems to be able to resist......!!! 
Thanks, Mike

Gus was really good this morning.  He came over from Burroland with the gang, all of them late of course, & was walking really good.  Usually he is one of the first ones in his pen, but I guess if he hangs around with the herd, he'll get as ill mannered as they are.  

It's time to put fly masks on everyone, yesterday the flies were starting to congregate on faces, so I'll go thru my stash of masks & figure out which ones fit who.  We're going to start out giving them access to Burroland during the day when they have masks on, & see how it goes.  Right now 10 are wearing masks every day & so far no one has lost a mask.  With Honcho, Buddy Brat & some of the others gone that thought masks were toys, it might not be a problem.  

I hung one of the jolly balls Claire brought in a tree yesterday, we'll see if they play with it.  They've been hauling them around, although they don't bring them back to the "toy" box.   So I thought I'd see how this works.  I haven't caught anyone playing with it yet. 

The Ritchie waterer seems to be a big hit, we've seen quite a few of them drinking out of it.  Now I'm thinking about replacing the other Rubbermaid waterer with a Ritchie, haven't said anything to John yet.  This Ritchie is a little high for the minis, & they make a shorter one, that would be just about their size. 


witcheylady said...

Am I getting good or what? I recognized Daisy before I scrolled down to the caption. So glad to hear about Gus.
We'd like to come back for a visit in the fall if you'll have us.
Happy Mother's Day!
Hugs to all...

Tish said...

If she's in the pen, this is the view you get.......!! Of course all that hair helps too identify her too. Guess we'll have to clip her this year.