Monday, May 23, 2011

 Yesterday afternoon I decided to try the boots on Gus again.  I had a time trying to keep them on him the other day, but he was not very comfortable yesterday afternoon, wouldn't even go out of his pen.  

One problem was the velcro straps on the boots have curled.  Besides them coming loose on their own, he also was pulling on them with his mouth.  I had an idea to run some duct tape around the straps, to hopefully keep them from coming loose.  John said to try vet wrap, so it wouldn't get sticky.  Yesterday after I put on the boots, the next thing I know he's across the driveway, snacking on brush.  When it came time to feed, he followed me back to the pen fairly comfortably.   I didn't know what would happen overnight.  This morning when John went out, Gus was across the wash missing a boot.  I didn't look forward to trying to find a black boot on 30 acres of mesquite trees & brush, but when John went over to feed the chickens there it was by the pen.  And the vet wrap was still in place.  His feet are so upright, even though I pulled the straps as tight as I could, he just walked out of it I guess.  

Also this morning Rusty had knocked a big piece of scab off his pastern cut.  I assume it will eventually heal, but he isn't much help.

Tonight I got an e-mail from Mark Myers.  He runs Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, the largest donkey rescue in the U.S.  A man died a few weeks ago down by Elfrida & had 22 equine, mostly mules & donkeys.   A daughter contacted me from N.J. & said there were 5 donkeys, all jacks........!!!  There's no way we could take 5 jacks, but Mark can absorb 5 donkeys into his operation fairly easy.  Her brother had already contacted Mark, so I thought that was the end of that.  Before Mark can picked them up & take them to California they have to have blood drawn for a Coggins test.  I guess they had a vet out today, & weren't set up to draw blood from unruly donkeys.  So Mark got in touch with me to see if I have any ideas........!!!!  Hmmmm!  Most of the vets I know won't go that far, especially for a "rodeo".  I have one possibility, she was willing to bring a dart gun when we had Paladin gelded because he was suppose to be wild.  Didn't need it thank goodness.  So she has a certain "spirit of adventure", just not sure how much adventure she's willing to go for.........!! (G)  Stay tuned...........!!!

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