Thursday, May 19, 2011


There isn't any from what I can tell.  At any time on the internet you can read, "there are no cases in AZ".  Then you can read "my friend up in "fill in the blank"  had to euthanize their horse".

This is a link to an official hand out  from Dr. John Hunt from the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

It is from yesterday, so of course there could be changes.  We have to assume the state will apprise the public of any changes in a timely manner, & hopefully people will quit adding their little bit of "make it exciting" information.
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New York City 1908

Not much going on here, which is a good thing.  Summer doctoring is getting busy.  I have 2 that have bare legs that have to be kept covered with sunscreen or they bleed.  Jenny the mammoth has trouble every summer with an umbilical hernia getting open & crusty.  I don't know if the flies open it or if it opens on it's own.  I try to keep it covered with thuja zinc oxide.  Sha'ba & Cisco both have problems with summer sores on their sheaths.  Must not forget Rusty & his cut below his fetlock, still doctoring that too.  Of course there is always the morning inspection for cactus spines, or cholla sections.  Yesterday Justin had a piece of cholla stuck on his shoulder.  I guess he rolled on it, poor little guy.  I used my trusty comb to flip it off him & not on me.  I've flipped cholla on me a couple of times, & it really makes me feel sorry for them when they get a piece stuck.  One time Buddy got a piece caught in his mouth......YUCK!

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