Saturday, June 05, 2010

      Yesterday we went to visit Susan & the two girls we hauled to her in February.  Susan has never had donkeys before & unfortunately doesn't understand that someone has to be in charge.  Their feet are long again because she can't even put a halter on them, let alone lift their feet.  We talked about what she needs to do in order to get them to be companions, rather than just 2 pretty donkeys out there running around doing their thing.  She said she is willing to work with them, so we'll check back in a couple of months & hopefully she will have made a lot of progress. They were never "our" donkeys, but once we're involved we want to make sure they are getting the training & attention they need.

      After visiting there we went over to see how Remington is doing.  Georgette has really done well with him. 

      Here she is working with him. His head set looks to me like he's bored.......!!!  (G)  He has on a fly mask, but for some reason putting on a halter was a big deal........not going to happen as far as he is concerned.  I told Georgette when we came over John & I would be the "bad cops" & put a halter on him, so she was looking forward to this experience.  
      We're not that good without using props, so it wasn't really that exciting....!!!  We took one of the corral panels out of the round pen, attached one end & left the other end free standing.  Open it up, get him to go in, & then use it like a squeeze.  Once he's in there, you can put a halter on him without him being able to evade, which he is really good at.  You do have to make sure your open end is in a corner.  We've set these things up many times, but for some reason we didn't put the open end in the corner at first.  He went in just fine, & pushed backwards & out.  Hmmmmm!  that never happened before.  So we got him in there again, & the same thing happened.  I'm sure by this time Georgette thought we were nuts, but finally we figured out the problem, set it up with the open end in the corner, & no more problems.  Put a halter on him, let him out for awhile & worked towards the goal of putting it on without him having to go into the squeeze.  Didn't accomplish that before we left, but I'm sure it won't be long he was actually rather accepting, although not willing to give up that last little bit of evasiveness without a fight.  Georgette's husband Dave will help her as long as Remington has to go into the squeeze. If you are trying to do something at the head end, that leaves the rear end not being monitored, which could get exciting. 

The kids don't get groomed like they should, we usually run out of time before we run out of chores.  This morning I looked at Sha'ba & he looked like a fur ball explosion, hair was sticking out & hanging everywhere.  So in between the usual chores, I grabbed a Furminator & made the fur fly for a couple of minutes.  I couldn't believe how much hair came out, poor little guy, I would imagine he was getting pretty itchy.  I usually pull on hair to see if it's coming out & so far, none of the others are as far along as he is. 

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