Friday, June 25, 2010

Got a call from Mae, down at Dos Cabezas & she thinks Chico has finally dropped.  Of course now it's hot & because of flies we can't get him gelded.  But, Lupe his momma is just about ready to drop his little brother or sister.  Hmmmmm...........Mae is suppose to call us as soon as Lupe does her job, & we will go down & pick the little man up, & keep him until fall.  But we have the same problem, jennies that might think he's kinda cute, especially if he figures out what he's suppose to do, which probably wouldn't take long, with them all strutting their stuff.  

So we are working on opening up a pen for him to stay in.  The largest pen we have was Max the big red horse's.  Right now Daisy & Frijolita are eating in there.  They eat at about the same speed as Buster & Lucy who don't go in a pen to eat.  So we are going to try moving them out to eat, & see what happens.  Daisy will probably be confused for a few days, she really likes going in HER pen.  

We also have a problem with Buster & Quilla.  Quilla eats out with Buster & Lucy, but Buster delights in tormenting him, & running him away from his hay.  Quilla will not stand up for himself, I have never seen him even lay an ear back at anyone, he just moves away, & if there is no hay available somewhere else, he does without.  So this morning we let Honcho eat with Hanna & Katie in their pen to see how it goes.  Hanna had the last big of hay, & let him know it was hers.  But for the most part it went well.  If he can eat with them, then we can put Quilla in Honcho's little pen to eat & he won't have to contend with Buster.  

These little changes in routine are always fun.  Equines are routine animals & if you try to  make changes, they will let you know that you aren't very bright & if you would just leave them alone, they would show you the right way. 

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