Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boy, it's hard to get a picture of him.  He's either hiding from Moogee, or resting up from running around all night.  Then when I do get him in the cross hairs, he looks like he's mad at the world.  Usually he has a happy little face, & wants to be petted.  

I've never had a cat that had a bloodline before, the best they could do was be classified as a DSH (domestic short hair)  But it seems this little guy is  papered, he is a Bengal .  I had never heard of the breed, so  of course I went on the internet to check out the available information.  Very interesting, especially that at least 4 generations ago, he had an Asian Leopard cat as an ancestor.  Most of the pictures looked like leopards lots of spots, etc.  But I finally found some pictures that looked like him.  The best I can figure out he is a blue marble Bengal.  He slept with us last night for awhile, & the information says they like to sit on laps, which he's already tried out ours.  He also climbed John's chest to look him straight in the eye, not sure what that is about.  He's willing to be friends with Moogee, but she'd rather hiss & scream.  When she does that he just moves closer to her, which of course makes her get louder & louder.  He's already twice as big as she is, once he fills out, he will be a big cat. 

Poor John spent over an hour last night looking for 2 missing fly leggings.  He said he ran a grid over the whole 10 acres & doesn't know how he missed seeing them.  This morning he spent more time looking for them.  I finally told him, I could probably make a half dozen in the time he had been looking, so in the interest of using time wisely, in the future we probably won't even bother looking for them.  They are so lightweight  & lay so flat on the ground, even though they are bright colors you can't see them unless you walk right over them.  Or they get caught on a bush.  So I have something to do this afternoon, make up a stash of fly leggings.  

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