Thursday, June 17, 2010


Between getting dressed every morning & getting greased up with sunscreen Quilla is really doing good this year.  The final "fix" was the crusader mask to keep the sun off his muzzle I think.  I looked up equine photo sensitivity  & found a lot of information including that it can cause liver disease.  Also grazing on certain plants is thought to be a cause.  I think Quilla has been on dry lot for years, & he isn't pink skinned, so who knows what started it.  But I'm glad we seem to have figured out how to keep him comfortable.  

This morning when John did round up, Hanna came right up to me & looked me in the eye.  This is unusual for her, she isn't stand offish but she also isn't Miss Cuddles either.  I started to rub her jaws & YIKES, she had cactus spines all over her jaw.  I started plucking, & happened to look at the bottom of her neck........completely covered with spines.  I have a flea comb that works good for such emergencies, but didn't want to leave her to look for it.  John showed up so he took over plucking while I went looking for the comb.  Never did find it, but John finally got most of them out.  I really think she came to me to get them out, because than wasn't normal behavior for her.  I do have a question, how did she get them where they were?  They weren't cholla which can be tall.  They looked like prickly pear stickers, but to get them where they were, she would have had to lay down & stretch her neck over a cactus.

As of today, John has put up with me officially for 49 years..........!!!  Most people thought it wouldn't last 6 months, so I guess we showed them........!!!  We've always managed to have fun, no matter what we were doing, & I think I'll keep him...........!!!  


Anonymous said...

Happy anniv, I think the marriage might last. we will be married 45 years in july, I wonder how my man put up with me this long.

Tish said...

Thank you, I would imagine at this stage of the game, no one else would put up with either one of us. You aren't far behind, do you guys share the same brain too......?

Tara Hill said...

Happy belated Anniv, 49 years! Congrats :)