Saturday, June 26, 2010

Honcho's introduction to eating with the girls isn't going real well.  He's a woose & they aren't.  Last night when John put everyone in, Honcho stood in his pen waiting to be fed there, rather than in the girl's pen.  This morning he did the same thing.  I was picking up poo & heard Hanna's "you better move" grunt.  Sure enough both of the girls were in his pen & he was headed out at a rapid pace.  I went over & there really wasn't much hay left, but I guess it was worth the effort to take it away from him.  

Yesterday we cleaned the big stock tank.  It has 3 goldfish in it, so we can't just pull the plug & let it drain, first we have to catch the fish.  I think they get faster every year.  Finally managed to get them after we dipped out most of the water.  There is nothing nastier than a stock tank once you break thru the crust of crud at the bottom.  As long as it isn't disturbed it's down there doing it's part to help keep the water clean.  But if you disturb it, whew!  Once we dragged the fish net over it a few times, we needed to get the fish out as soon as possible, don't think they would make it in that environment very long.  

Got it cleaned out, rinsed out & set back up using the tractor.  Put the fish in & they started running around in a panic, the water was so clear they had no place to hide.  We came in to rest for a little while, John went out & I "rested" some more.........!!!!  He came back in & asked me if I took the key out of the tractor...........  HUH?  Not only was the key missing, there were lots of donkey tracks around the tractor, so we figured out what happened to the key.  We looked & looked & couldn't find it.  My thought was one of them swallowed it, which really wouldn't be good.  We finally gave up, got the bobcat to drag the tractor out of the way.  

Later I was just finishing up chores & John stops by with the information that he found the key...........!!!!  When John parks the tractor, he turns the seat up, to protect the steering wheel from the heat & also the seat itself.  For some reason he thought to look under the seat & there it was.  Someone pulled it out of the ignition, & when they dropped it, it went into the seat frame.  When he put the seat down it was covered up & we spent all that time looking for it, as I worried about how a donkey would pass 2 keys on a keyring.  I think they go out of their way to make my hair even grayer than it is............!!!!!!  

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