Tuesday, June 08, 2010

HONCHO IS BACK.........!!

We picked Honcho up this afternoon, & put him in a pen when we got home.  The first thing he did was start exercising the dogs.  The dogs always "greet" new donkeys by running the fence & barking.  Honcho as I recall use to run the dogs almost everyday.  Seems like he hasn't forgotten although as hot as it is (107 on the back porch in the sun)  I would think he'd want to find shade somewhere, like the other donkeys.  Chester & Rusty came up to the trailer when we unloaded him, & tried to figure out if he was worth their time & Katie came to check him out.  John told her yesterday a new boy was coming maybe she wanted to see how cute he is.  Honcho & Katie would make a really nice pair, they like to be where the action is, whether you want them there or not...........!!

He is Mr. Personality, what people call a pocket donkey.  That is why I don't have a better picture.  I couldn't take a picture inside the pen, unless you wanted to see a very very closeup of his nose.  We'll leave him in the pen a day or two before letting him out.  We'll have to make sure he's going to get along with everyone.  I think he will, he's like a little boy running around chasing everyone, or at least he use to, & from what I've seen he's still that nosy curious little boy.  

Tomorrow we have an appointment to take Midas our red tabby cat to the vet to be euthanized.  He's only 5 years old, but it seems cancer doesn't always hit the elderly.  Last week we took him in to be examined because he was having trouble breathing.  The vet drained a lot of fluid off his lungs & said take him home for a few days.  He's having trouble breathing from a buildup of fluid again.  Quality of life should always be the primary objective with animals & although we could have his lungs drained again it would just put off the end result. 

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