Sunday, June 20, 2010

We hardly ever have a camera when we need one.  Yesterday Jenny, big girl, decided to see if Honcho might be her type.  She is our local resident hussy & checks out all the new guys.  She started doing her, "hello big boy" dance, winking, clacking & peeing all over the place.  Honcho watched her, came over smelled her nose, spun around & ran.  I don't think that was a reaction she was expecting and obviously he didn't have a clue.  I noticed this morning he is following Chester around.  If he needs a big brother to show him the ropes, Chester's the man, he doesn't know he's been gelded, & most of the girls think he's pretty cute.  

Poor Honcho, he is one of the smartest donkeys we've had here...........but............ some of his education has been sadly neglected.  Besides not picking up on Jenny's signals, last night we went racing.  So they were put in their pens & fed about 3 hours early.  Rather than leave Honcho in his little temporary pen, that had a lot of sun in it, John opened the panels between his pen & Katie's & Hanna's pen.  That way when he got thru eating he could go in with them & have access to shade.  When  we got home early this morning, John  went  out to open the gates & let them out.  He opened the girl's gate & went around opening all the others.  When he came back by the pen, the girls were gone, & Honcho was still standing in his pen, waiting to go out the way he usually does.  He didn't pick up on the fact that he could go out where the girls did.  This morning we opened the panel up & let him figure it out.  

When John went out early to round them up yesterday afternoon, he found the "over the hill guys" down under the trees.  Sha'ba, Rusty, Jack & Pepper are all over 30, some of them  "WAY" over.  Usually the mules don't hang with the donkeys & visa versa.  John said Jack was laid out flat & at first John thought he might be beyond sleeping, John said he stomped his feet, (Jack doesn't hear well) & yelled his name & he didn't move.  Finally he raised his head I guess to see what all the fuss was that was disturbing his nap.   He's just getting over being almost 3 legged lame on a hind fetlock.  It had been hurt before we got him, & the passage of time hasn't been kind to it.  He must step wrong on it sometimes, & then limps for awhile.  I have him on herbs that are suppose to be about like bute, I don't want to give him bute long term, too hard on his system. 

Georgette called & said Remington is still making progress.  Leading & picking up feet isn't going as quick as  fly mask, halter & some of the other things, but he's still cooperating & headed in the right direction.  She hasn't been using the round pen at all, but I guess a few days ago, he had a show of independence & wouldn't let her put the halter on, out in the field.  So in the round pen he went to get a little attitude adjustment.  She said once he was in the pen it was no big deal.  I guess he just had to try. 

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