Saturday, June 19, 2010


This morning when I went out I asked John if he had everyone rounded up.  He said, "no, but he did have some he had rounded up twice".  It seems Hanna, Katie & Quilla didn't stay rounded up.  They were in the girl's pen & John was going to get Quilla out later, as everyone showed up at once & if you don't get them in their pens quickly, they wander off.  In the process, he "forgot" to put on the girl's fly masks, so Hanna opened the gate & let them out.  She hasn't been opening the gates & we've gotten lax on clipping the gates.  They are very good at "getting you" if you try to short cut the process.........!!! 

Honcho is in a little emergency pen, since most of our corral panels are loaned out right now.  One morning I forgot to drop the pin in the corral panels, (the gate is loaned out too) & when John went out to let them out, Honcho had already taken care of that little job.  I don't know how they know when it's not right, maybe they check it daily, but it seems if we don't do it correctly, they know it. 

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