Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Jersey 1897
I think Sha'ba & Jack were happy to have John home.  They actually greeted him, & neither of them are what you would call lovey dovey usually.  Everyone else just accepted the fact that he was here, & should have treats, which he did.  He went out before chores last night & found 2 fly masks I hadn't been able to find, guess he has the knack.
He reported a good time, enjoyed a homemade pie by a niece.  She picked the cherries off her tree, pitted them & made the pie.  John said it was really good.  I keep looking for sour cherries at the store, but they are almost impossible to find anymore. 

With John home we let "Nigel" (yes he now has a name) out of solitary. He came out to explore & Moogee acted like a brat, following & hissing.  He for the most part ignored her.  This morning when John got up he told me one of the screens had been pushed out & Nigel was gone.  Talk about panic, as mellow & laid back as he is he wouldn't stand a chance outside.  I'm throwing on clothes, & John yells "never mind" he's in the great room.  He actually was stretched out on a window sill, watching all the excitement.  Makes me wonder why he bothered to push out the screen & then didn't go out.  Maybe he's smart enough to know it's a big cruel world out there for kitties.  

Quilla has been wearing his crusader mask for about a week now & keeping the sun off his muzzle has made all the difference in the world.  No more open sores with the flies having a picnic.  I know it has to be more comfortable for him without all those flies buzzing around.  I'm going to have to see what I can find about sun sensitivity for equines.  This may be a common problem that we don't think about.  I know the sunscreen has made a lot of difference, on his legs. 

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