Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Here's Honcho when he went out this morning.  It was hard to catch him with his head up, he went out & immediately started looking for things to eat.  As you can see from the picture he isn't thin & judging from his attention to hay in his pen & browse outside the pen, it looks like he is a food freak.
This is Jenny, big girl, helping him find something to eat.  Actually she was trying to strike up a relationship, but he kicked at anyone coming up behind him, including Tula, which surprised me.  As the lead jenny she usually doesn't have to worry about such rude behavior.  I guess he didn't realize who she was.  He thumped her twice on the chest before she decided to go someplace else.  

We took Midas to the vet this afternoon & she agreed that it was time.  John brought him home & he is under the tree with all our other kitties, & Tom the turkey.  The vet tech asked if we'd like another cat.  They have a year old bengal that an older couple had asked them to find a home for.  He had been in a cage for the last couple of weeks, but when they brought him out to show him off, he acted like it was no big deal, really quite mellow for a young cat.  I asked if anyone had shown interest in him, but they said they hadn't shown him to anyone because they wanted to make sure he had a good home.  The vet said she'd neuter him & I could pick him up Friday.  As they say one door doesn't close without another one opening, I guess.  We've got to come up with a name though, he came in Bob the Bengal.  The vet clinic has been calling him Edan or Egan or something like that.  I think we can come up with something if we think about it.  I just ran Beau past John & got a no...........!!!

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